I do love winter. Actually, the thing I probably hate most about winter is listening to everyone else bitch about it.

Things around the Buzz-Bob household are starting to take a turn for the Christmasy. You know, neither GB (despite his pseudonym) nor I were raised Christian. My parents are Christian and Muslim, both non-practicing; GB’s parents, as I’ve mentioned, are New Age-y Esoteric Astrologers. Both of our families have always done Christmas up, though, albeit in the secular, consumerist kind of way. And that’s the way I like it, I gotta say…I have fabulous childhood memories of sleeping in the living room on Christmas Eve (a family tradition especially dear to my heart) waiting for Santa to show up.

(Jeebus, Luckybuzz, ramble much? Here’s hoping the OCD kicks back in after this cup of coffee.)

Anyway. We put up our little fake holiday tree a couple days ago. It got itself taken down yesterday in a Percoset-hangover-fueled rampage (which is a longer story, but GB is feeling much better now), so we put it up again last night. It looks better than it did the first time:

Plus, now it smells like the freaking Body Shop, from all the citrus spray we doused it with in an attempt to keep the cats (sweet cats, but not the brightest) from eating the fake “pine needles”.

The cats are feeling that Special Holiday Glow(TM) too, clearly; I found them like this two nights ago:

You know what that is? That is three of the four cats sleeping in peaceful proximity. It’s a freaking Festivus miracle.

And the reason I’m telling you all this now? Because we *finally* had the first snow of the year, about which I am incapable of being cynical.

(Those are the bushes in front of my building…aerial view.)

And this is the view from our windows to the street. (If you happen to recognize my street–and it seems to me that some of my readership could–just go ahead and send me a condolence email on the side instead of outing me here, willya?)

Yep. Happy winter, blogfriends.