Haven’t felt much like blogging this week–too distracted by real-life issues, unfortunately. But I can’t let Thanksgiving go by without a post, because I am, as always, humbled and amazed by the awesomeness of my life, when I just take a minute to reflect on it.

So. Bullets of Thankfulness For:

  • My newest nephew, delivered a few weeks early via somewhat-abrupt C-section last night. My younger sister–a textbook Aries, and one of my most difficult relationships, which is now turning into quite a nice relationship, which makes me very happy–said months ago that she was sure she’d have the baby before Thanksgiving, which makes her either headstrong-and-scarily-willful, or somewhat psychic. Mom and baby are doing fine, and we’re awaiting news on the name.
  • My mom, who is awesome in ways I can’t begin to list here. She’s living with my younger sis and her husband (since a few weeks ago) to help take care of the baby, because she’s just that awesome. She makes me proud and makes me want to do better.
  • Same goes for my Big Sis, actually, and not just because she reads my blog now–just because she is supportive and generous and takes care of my 35-year-old-ass and is super cool too.
  • Family–mine, GB’s, ours with the cats, and our enormous, amazing, still-growing family of friends. If there’s one thing I’ve had in abundance in my life, it’s outstanding people.
  • Friends, both bloggy and 3D. Again–I may bitch a lot, but no one, ever, has had better friends than I do.
  • The fact that even though money issues are huge, and we are, actually, filing bankruptcy on Monday (though over half of our so-big-it’s-almost-funny debt is in the form of student loans and non-dischargeable–getting the first half gone will help)–we still have a place to live, and food, and are not completely and totally destitute. The only reason for this is the unbelievable kindness and generosity of our families. I’m trying to push down the guilt to *just* be thankful right now.
  • Doing work that I love; even when it seems endless and fruitless, it feels like a blessing and a luxury to be able to pursue a life in academia.
  • Music. As always.
  • Health. For an OCD hypochondriac like me, this is a big one.
  • A bumper pool Thanksgiving, at Jason’s today. Also, spending Thanksgiving with friends is part of this bullet.
  • The cats. They make home feel like home.
  • Gospel Bob. I am thankful for him every single freaking day, and even just thinking about that makes me a little teary.

Happy Thanksgiving, American friends! And Happy It’s-always-good-to-count-your-blessings Day to y’all! I have to go take my green bean casserole out of the oven….