Conference is going well so far. I’ve been concentrating on “networking” instead of attending sessions and it’s making for an easy, relatively un-stressful conference experience (this is good, since the few papers I have heard have made me grumpy and bitter about the state of my little area of my field. Better to just keep drinking). I snuck away for a bit and just had a quick nap–also an excellent idea, I think, because I have *FIVE RECEPTIONS* to attend tonight.

Five. Receptions. Clearly, I’ve got the conference socializing thing down pretty well.

Though trying to stick with the Weight Watchers in this environment is considerably less than easy.

OK–off to change clothes, find Taz, and start the never-ending receptions. Yeehaw! Wish me luck with the drinking networking…maybe I’ll drunk-phone-blog from Reception Land. Maybe that won’t be as awesomely boring as it sounds.