Because all the other money crap wasn’t really enough to send me into fits of panic, I think we’ll start a new regular feature around here. It’s called, “Who’s Suing Luckybuzz Now?” And the answer for today is “my freaking school.”

Last year the payroll department at my school screwed up a direct deposit to my account and, apparently, overpaid me. (I’m not sure if I blogged about this at the time…can’t find it in the archives, but I’m not looking too hard.) At the time I was getting three different, erratic paychecks, and I had no idea how much money they were supposed to be giving me, so I had–seriously–no idea that this had happened, until I got a letter informing me that they’d screwed up, and asking me to send them a check for $775.

I told them I didn’t have the money and explained why I had no idea this had happened (and implied that I wasn’t even sure they really had overpaid me). They offered me a payment plan, which I accepted, despite the whole thing being, you know, their giant fuck-up.

(Can I just pause here to say, vaguely and pseudonymously, that my university is So. Not. Hurting. for money? Typing that last sentence actually made me laugh out loud, because my school? It has more money than many small countries. And, fine, they claim I was overpaid, and that may be true, but you know what else? This was the *second time* someone in payroll has messed up direct deposits into my account. Payroll is erratic and their employees kind of suck.)

Anyway, this is all a long and whiny way to say that I just got another letter from them informing me that I’ve only made one payment on the plan (which, to be honest, I had completely forgotten about), and that if I don’t pay them the full amount by the beginning of December–because I’m messing up their end-of-year accounting–the whole thing is going to General Counsel.

So, if you’re keeping track at home, that’s one upcoming court date (in two weeks), several more sure to follow, and now imminent legal action from my own freaking school.

(And thanks, y’all, for the helpful comments on the last pathetic money post. I have a long list of things I’ll do differently once I actually get through this whole fiasco.)

For now, it might be time to start playing the lottery.