Really, I almost feel kind of lame even whining about it, so I guess it’s a whine/antiwhine, and really should be happening over there, but it’s happening here because sometimes I’m insecure about whining in front of a larger audience.

Okay, here it is: all my pants are too big.

Remember how I’ve been all about kicking ass at the gym, and sticking like freaking glue to Weight Watchers? Well, that combination seems to be working, because I’ve lost 15 pounds and, apparently, two pants sizes.

See, the thing is that–as you know–I’m not teaching this semester. One of the repercussions of this is that I pretty much wear the same clothes every day (yes, poor GB, I know–but he’s the one who married my slovenly ass)–either pajamas (and I am *not* embarrassed about never getting out of my jammies on non-gym days) or my favorite pair of jeans. And I’ve noticed that I’ve been pulling the belt tighter on the jeans, but didn’t pay much attention to it.

But I’m off this weekend to Big Huge Conference (where last year I got to meetup with her, and where I’ll get to hang out with her, which I am so looking forward to), and I’m realizing I can’t really wear my jammies or the now-giant-and-baggy Levi’s every day (since I plan on spending most of my time there drinking networking), and I have no pants that actually fit.

I’m thinking a quick trip to the thrift store might be in order before I leave Friday morning.