Another freaking meme. Because I have to go to Next-State-Over *again* today–just like yesterday, except this time with rain. Fortunately, I’ve been traveling with the three CDs in permanent residence in the car CD changer that are, I’m convinced, the most fun to sing along to alone.* So that doesn’t suck so much. But I’m getting a little tired of driving up there a few times a week and *still* feeling like I’m not getting as much data as I’d like.

Anyway, I liked this meme, though I think that the one I scored second-highest on, the Magician, would actually have worked better for me. I shouldn’t have told it I’m a girl.

Maybe sometime soon I’ll show y’all pictures of the Tarot deck I made a few years ago–the Rock & Roll Tarot. It’s pretty freaking awesome.

You scored as II – The High Priestess. The High Priestess is a card of intuition, instinct and hidden knowledge. She knows all your secrets, you can hide nothing from her. Yet you will never know the secrets she herself protects.If well aspected in a Tarot spread, this card can indicate the use of intuition to solve problems; trust to your instincts. If badly aspected, it can mean suppression and ignoring of such instincts – following your head at the expense of your heart.

II – The High Priestess


I – Magician


XIX: The Sun


III – The Empress


VIII – Strength


XI: Justice


IV – The Emperor


VI: The Lovers


XV: The Devil


X – Wheel of Fortune


XVI: The Tower


XIII: Death


0 – The Fool


Which Major Arcana Tarot Card Are You?
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*The “alone” part here is crucial for Hunky Dory, because, my god, you know that part where he goes “love cleans the mind and makes you FREEEEEEEEEEEE!”? Too. Much. Fun. I also really like belting out “gentleness is everywhere, fear’s just in your head, only in your head, fear is in your head, so forget your head and you’ll be FREEEEEE!” I heart me some David Bowie.