My sister just called to chat and check in. She’s the only sibling I’m super close to, and we talk on the phone every couple of days. She’s 10 years older than me, and she cuts me a lot of little-sister slack, and lets me whine as much as I need to. She rocks a lot, and every once in a while I consider telling her about this blog, and I think she’d appreciate it, but it’s such an irrevocable step…maybe someday.

But I digress. I was whining to my awesome sister about my to-do list, and how I just don’t know what to do next, and how I suck at prioritizing, and how I seem to get nothing done. She suggested that I’m including the wrong things on my list, and that’s why I make no progress. Direct from Awesome Sister herself: “If you put ‘drink a margarita’ on there, you’d have no problem checking that off.”

I told her I’d try a new list for today.

The Ta-Da List! (thanks, skycat!)

  • read blogs (three times through feed reader)
  • cardio & strength training at the gym
  • shower with yummy gym shampoo & body wash
  • finish second fellowship application
  • prep for interview tomorrow
  • read small stack of articles on my desk (I read one. Go me!)
  • eat a yummy Vitatop
  • talk to my sister on the phone
  • watch Law & Order while pretending to do some real work
  • drink wine (any minute now…)
  • finish notes on that one book
  • have a late dinner with GB and watch Buffy (doing this now. Yippee!)

Holy crap! Do you see what happened there? I actually made a to-do list (retroactive, in part, but whatever) and accomplished things on it. Not just the fun stuff–apparently I did some work today too.

Dudes. That’s cool. It feels so much less painful to look at a list that has fun things on it too.

My big sister is so freaking smart.