I think it’s too late for anyone–including me–to even care, but I finally got my camera back last night. I’d left it at Bad Idea’s, apparently, and when I called him last night to see if I could pick it up, he offered to leave it at the bar for me to pick up whenever.

(Friends, for real: I’m over Bad Idea. He’s just not impressing me lately. IB/DM and I spent some quality drinking time last night trying to figure out who I can crush out on next, but the OCD-Crush-Forecast is looking bleak right now.)

Anyway, it turns out that I didn’t take many pictures, and the ones I did take weren’t so great. Also, something weird happened with the upload and I lost some pictures that were on the camera (IB/DM, I need a photo of Bi-Curious George!). Regardless.

Why IB/DM rocks: She felt compelled to bust into this bizarre, super-funky monster dance every time she put this mask on:

Well, actually, you can see for yourself:

And why I just freaking *heart* GB–because how totally Buffyverse-demon is he?

But is he satisfied being the scariest of scary demons? No. He’s prepared to have to eventually take the mask off to drink. Check this out:

Yup, that’s my boy, with the double-layered costume. Excellent.

(I’ll probably add bloggable photos of my costume to this post eventually…)