PMS + feeling crappy about my lack of progress lately = one grumpy luckybuzz.

I *still* have not heard from Annoying Committee Member about the recommendation for the fellowship that is due on *Monday*. Emailed her again today…nothing yet. Emailed The Advisor to update and check on his letter, so hopefully that’s all-systems-go…the good news (or a bit of good news) is that someone else, who’s not even *on* my committee and knows very little about my work–but will undoubtedly say nice things about it–agreed to write for me last week, and emailed today to confirm that she’s working on it. (secret message for Tazjia: it’s your outside person. How nice is she to write for me?!) So, you know, it looks like I’ll at least have two letters in by the deadline. And I guess that’s something. But clearly, something must be done about Annoying CM. And soon. And my third committee member is super nice, but is not answering my emails about the letter he was going to write…so maybe I’m just screwed on this fellowship. What. Ever.

The other fellowship application is annoying in the same, and additional, ways…It’s going to take some work to rewrite the proposal I have now to be applicable for this second fellowship, and I’m feeling so unmotivated I cannot even stand myself. I’ll have it done this weekend, but I’m not thrilled with my prospects.

In good news: I think that Bad Idea has my lost camera, so if I can get that back from him this weekend I can *finally* post Halloween pictures.

More good news: GB wants to go for a drive this weekend, either today or tomorrow, and that sounds fabulous to me. I think our drive may involve yet another trip to ikea to buy a smaller, less disgusting kitchen table. Wish me luck on that part.
UPDATE: Okay, so I got an email back from ACM. It says, and I quote: “They’ve both been sent.” No greeting, no sign-off, and, unless I’m reading it wrong, nothing but seething hatred for me and my project. Or possibly that’s the PMS talking? In any case: good, that they’re sent; disconcerting, that I’m not sure they’ll be complimentary. I’m thinking I’ll be all about the loans again next year.