It seems like it certainly couldn’t hurt, right now.

Okay. Things I’m trying to accomplish, in no particular order (because if i had a particular order, I would actually know which one to do first, and stop jumping around between them):

  • transcribe newest interview done, hooray!
  • transcribe older interview
  • contact people about setting up interviews
  • second fellowship application
  • write up annoying thing for workshop tomorrow (or decide that I’m not going)
  • meet SchoolFriend for dinner tonight
  • read ginormous stack of books/articles that are sitting on my desk mocking me (this one isn’t happening today, clearly)
  • draft of chapter 1
  • contact Rapidly-Becoming-Annoying CommitteMember because I *know* she dropped the ball on my recommendation
  • contact Advisor to see if he, also, dropped the ball on my recommendation
  • re-read stuff about interviewing techniques, because after transcribing these last few, I can’t believe that people even speak to me when I am the Worst Interviewer Ever. And I have many more to do, so this is not a good thing…anybody have any ideas on how I can learn to actually, you know, ask people questions? Preferably *without* sounding like a big freaking dork.

You know what I think I’m actually going to do? I think I’m actually going to go to the gym. Right now. I’ve gone every dayso far this week, and it’s making me really happy. I’ve been going four times a week for the past month or so, but I think I can do more than that….it does help with the stress, though it’s also clear to me that it’s kind of all about the procrastinating too. Whatever. As far as procrastination goes, it’s one of the better ways.

Or so I’m telling myself…

ETA: Went to the gym–only 30 minutes of cardio, but since this was an “extra” gym visit I feel good about it. I feel slightly less-good about my lack of progress today, and the overwhelming feeling that I just kind of suck at what I do. I’m hoping this is a temporary feeling. Because fuck. It kind of sucks.