Because I miss y’all, and I feel like I’ve been away from here for a long, long time, and I’m not sure what’s up with that.

  • I still don’t have my camera, but I’m still holding out hope that it’s at the bar and that my friendly bartenders are holding onto it for me. I really should stop by there and check tonight, but I have to say I’ve never felt less motivated to enter a bar than I do this week.
  • All I want to do–I mean, literally *all* I want to do lately–is lie in bed and watch Buffy with GB and the cats. Weather? Time change? Whatever it is, everything else feels hard and frustrating and unsatisfying lately.
  • I’ve been transcribing interviews today. There’s a little-known corner of hell where unfortunate souls are doomed to this task for all eternity. I think I may have stumbled into it.
  • Transcribing makes me very much want to never conduct another interview.
  • I’m doing pretty good on the not-conducting-interviews front. I’m also fairly certain, unfortunately, that this path does not lead to my eventual release from the purgatory of grad school.
  • Application for the first fellowship is done and submitted, but I suspect that Rapidly-Becoming-Annoying-Committee Member is dropping the ball on the recommendation she’s supposed to be writing for me. I’ve pretty much had it with her. Even the Advisor has pretty much had it with her. I fear she’s about to become a liability.
  • I have three giant loads of laundry over at the laundromat right now. I’ll be happy when they’re done, but right now they’re making me miserable.
  • Worrying about money just sucks.
  • Didn’t realize I was in a really crappy mood until these bullets. Excellent, if you believe that knowing-is-half-the-battle crap.