…if it had been that kind of costume. As it was, I lost just about everything else.

Long, weird, mostly good weekend. IB/DM was husbandless and childless for the evening, so doing Halloween festivities with her was great. The Halloween parties on Saturday interesting…we started out at Jason’s for a drink, then moved onto CrazyGirl’s party, but we were there for less than an hour. Then it was on to the party at the bar, hosted (loosely speaking) by Bad Idea and some other people who live in his building.

As GB, IB/DM and I walked up to the bar I realized…no wallet. I’d put all my crap in IB/DM’s bag, since I had no pockets, and I reached in the bag to find not-my-wallet. A fruitless search ensued. IB/DM promised to buy me drinks (and she rocks for that, and I owe her bigtime), and we decided to get on with the party anyway.

And it was okay…though Bad Idea’s costume actually kind of cemented the whole I-might-be-over-him thing (it wasn’t bad, just…well, let’s put it this way. Bad Idea thinks that he looks like a certain actor. He does, in a way–more than most people look like this particular actor, at least. But not enough that it warrants dressing up as this particular actor in a particular role, which is not even really current enough for people to have a clue what he was supposed to be. Yes, vague, sorry. But disappointing, overall.). And I found myself talking to Blanche, and to StillTalking–also disappointing.

At the end of the night we left the bar to go up to Bad Idea’s for afterhours and realized…we’d lost the bag. So IB/DM found ourselves at 2 am in Bad Idea’s apartment with GB–just the three of us, since Bad Idea actually *left the afterhours at his apartment* to go to the one in the next apartment, which is also terribly unimpressive–without cell phones (both of us), housekeys (IB/DM), cameras (both of us), and wallet (me).

Luckily, GB managed to leave the party with everything he arrived with (including two drunk girls…uh, I mean us), and we were able to get back to our house. Most of the next day was spent trying to track down our many missing items…which is a hilarious, frustrating, and exhausting story that I won’t bore you with, except to say that the only thing I’m still missing is my camera. But when that turns up, I’ll post some pictures…since Abbey‘s got me all inspired now. I’ll try to stop back by the bar tomorrow, since I’m pretty sure it’s there somewhere….