I’ve found a way to combine two of my favorite things for this post.

Friends, check this out:

Do you know what that is? If you said, “Luckybuzz, that looks to be a copy of the ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ soundtrack, on vinyl, autographed by Dr. Ralph Stanley Himself,” you would be abso-fucking-lutely right.

Let’s just pause for a moment to reflect on how freaking cool it is that a) GB and I now own this very autographed album; and b) I received this album, with the Sharpie ink still damp, directly from the hand of Ralph Stanley himself.

So. Fucking. Cool.

And the show was absolutely amazing–better than I’d even hoped. And the Clinch Mountain Boys were astounding, as expected. And I am going to tune up my banjo and start re-learning how to play it again, because damn, how am I going to get into heaven if I can’t play bluegrass music?

And here’s my little Halloween gift to you–Ralph Stanley (the bluegrass part) singing “O Death” (the Halloween part). He sang this at the show we saw last night, and it was pretty great.

I tried to post the audio file, but I can’t get it to post so that it doesn’t just start playing right away (which I find horribly annoying). Maybe posting a link to it will work, though?