Bullets *rock* because I can be much less coherent and still feel like I’m blogging.

  • I’m still trying to recover from the last week of fieldwork. I’m exhausted, drained, and despite my best efforts to write up my fieldnotes in some relatively coherent form as soon as possible, I still find myself with about 35 pages of scribbled words, phrases, and odd abbreviations to go. At this rate I’ll have no idea what these notes mean by the time I get to typing them up.
  • I now have two long-ass interviews that just don’t seem to be transcribing themselves. I was supposed to do another today but I think I’m suffering from raw-data-overload. I just called the interviewee to reschedule for next week.
  • This makes me feel like a hugely unprofessional slacker. Fortunately it’s someone I’ve been working with for a few months, so we have a friendly relationship…but still. I feel like I suck.
  • I met with a professor on Tuesday about getting a recommendation for the dossier service. I doubt that I would really use a recommendation from this particular person (for many reasons that will bore both you and me in the telling), but I thought it would be a good idea to ask for one, and I wanted to catch up with him a bit too. In a nutshell: he made me cry a little (inside, not outside, but I still had that eye-burny tearing-up thing going on), and implied that perhaps I am neither ready nor suited for the job search (which I won’t be conducting until next year). Oh, *and* he agreed to write me a letter. Overall a terribly sucky experience.
  • I ended up out drinking last night with GB and the Squirrel (for awhile–they left early), Bad Idea, the Wrangler, and a few other people. While I had a pretty good time, it left me wondering if I was right about the whole being-over-it thing. I mean, I thought about kissing Bad Idea a few times, and he really does “accidentally” touch me more than is really necessary, but I’m not picking up much of a vibe from him anymore and I’m not sure how much of one I’m putting out. Which is a little unfortunate, because you know how I love my crushes. Then again, there are Halloween parties on Saturday night, so maybe something exciting and inappropriate will happen. Keep your fingers crossed for me–I like that my life is (emotionally) calm and happy lately, but I wouldn’t say no to a *tiny* bit of drama.