Still in Fieldwork State, but at a hotel tonight. I leave tomorrow morning for home.

Long. Ass. Weekend. Horrifically bad, in many (non-lethal, and hopefully not permanently scarring) ways.

I mentioned that the fieldwork in this state is combined with family crap, right? And I knew that would be exhausting. And it was. But also: fire ants; chiggers; mesquite thorns; a windstorm that tossed me and my tent around all night; and more filth and dirt around and on me than I could possibly have anticipated. And I can’t even tell y’all anymore about it right now, because a) it’s all, uh, top-secret, and b) I’m completely freaking spent.

I cannot wait to be home. I’m not sure I’ve ever wanted anything more.

I’ll try to catch up with y’all tomorrow. I’m just going to assume that the vast majority of y’all had better weekends than I did.