• Sorry about the weird feed reader business–that was actually my fault. Wait, no–that was totally Blogger’s fault. True, I decided that the best use of my time last night (pre-bar) was going through my blog archives and adding categories to old posts, and that part is my fault. But apparently Blogger can’t tell the difference between an old, republished post and a shiny new fresh one. So. Sorry about that.
  • You know that name thing everybody’s doing today? At the risk of upsetting people, it’s entirely inaccurate. It says there are no people in the U.S. with my last name…which is what my dad always told us when we were kids. Through the magic of the internet, though, I’ve learned that there are hundreds of people in this country with my last name, and possibly one who shares my (totally unusual, for the U.S.) middle name (which is the name I use). I’m not saying you’re not unique…I’m just saying that site lies.
  • I had a meeting with the Fellowships Counselor at school today to talk about my applications-in-progress. It was awful. She was kind of snotty, and totally didn’t take the time to actually *read* the proposal in front of her, so she kept telling me it was unintelligible…things got a little better once we dealt with that, and I came away with some helpful advice, I think, but daaaamn. That was harsh.
  • My advisor agrees that trying to finish a chapter in the next 10 days, when I’m immersed in giant amounts of fieldwork, is not the best way to go about this–despite Rapidly-Becoming-Annoying Committee Member’s request that I produce one. So at least he’s on my side, which is helpful. I hope.
  • Crap, I have to pack! This is no time for blogging!
  • I’m seriously considering *not* taking my laptop with me, since I’ll be in a field for four days with no electricity. Leaving it behind worries me. But it makes sense not to take it, right?