• One more thing about that last post: the irony (besides me looking like Mel Gibson) is that I have, historically, had a celebrity lookalike,* as I’ve mentioned before . **
    But did *he* show up in my results? Hell no. That is *so* not right.
  • Did I tell you that I leave on Wednesday for another round of fieldwork in an actual field? I’m a little bit psyched for it, mostly because I get to see my totally cool nieces. The rest of it, though…not so excited for the traveling, and the actual fieldwork parts. Think happy flying thoughts for me. Oh, and for GB, because the other reason I’m grumpy about going on my fieldwork trip is…
  • GB is going–also this weekend–to this. And I can’t go, because I have to go be in a field with a large group of people, many of whom annoy the crap out of me. I am sad for myself about this, and happy for GB that he gets to go, and anxious because I don’t like traveling, and I like the idea of GB traveling even less, because worrying about him is somehow more satisfying than worrying about me. Though both are vying for my attention right now. And also, did I mention that I can’t go to the music festival? Because I’m going to this other thing that, while it sounds fun and interesting, will try my patience like few other things I do?
  • Sometimes I seriously just want to stop talking in code and tell y’all what I’m doing…but then I couldn’t snark about the fieldwork, so it’s not worth it.
  • I’m going out–OUT!–with IB/DM tonight for drinks. This is an occurrence that doesn’t happen often enough. While I have to stay relatively sober tonight, it’ll be nice to be in a bar with IB/DM again.
  • Because IB/DM loves me and, more importantly, is fine with enabling my OCD crushes, we’re going to *the* bar. I’d say wish me luck, but I’m honestly not even sure what that would entail at this point.

*We used to look a lot more alike, when my hair was kind of long and big like that. Actually, we may look alike again soon if I don’t get it together to get my haircut someday.
**Okay, I actually found that I haven’t said this before, but nevertheless I was stunned by the number of times I’ve actually mentioned Marc Bolan/T. Rex on this blog. Six times! And there may be more, but the blogger search kind of sucks. Clearly, I’m obsessed with T. Rex. I really should actually *listen* to them more often.