So the whole multiple-sign-ins to Google Accounts has been the major reason I’ve been depressed about the blogworld lately. It’s just too much of a pain in my lazy ass to have to sign in to three different screens every time I want to comment on a blog or post something random for y’all. I realize that I can open IE and log in with a different account there, but damn, I hate IE, and I can’t use my Sage reader in it. Really, all just a giant pain.

But Lifehacker reminded me today that IE tab might solve my problem…at least a little. I’m testing it out now…posting this in an IE tab in Firefox with my regular Gmail account open in a regular Firefox tab. So far so good…if it works, this might just revive my love for blogging. Actually, that last meme kind of revived my love of blogging…nothing like lots of solicited compliments to make me appreciate my blog. Yeah. So, I’ll keep you posted on the fascinating developments. And please, people, give me something more interesting to blog about.

I’m off to the Squirrel’s birthday party in a couple hours. The Squirrel’s birthday last year was, uh, anti-climactic….I have to say I wouldn’t mind just a smidge of drama or intrigue tonight.