• I got nothing. Seriously. Same, same, same stuff.
  • Gym visits are regular and going well. Weight Watchers also: steady and going well. I feel healthier and I’m definitely getting stronger–I forgot how much I freaking love lifting weights.
  • I made these muffins today–they are *way* too good. I meant to give a couple away to IB/DM when I saw her tonight, but I forgot, and they stayed in my bag where they started out (though they’re a little flatter now). Anybody want a really good, low-fat, WW-friendly pumpkin muffin?
  • I have no idea what to do for a Halloween costume this year. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and October, overall, is my favorite month…I really need to get on this. This will be the first year in a long time, though, that the Halloween party won’t be at our house…which is a little sad, but means I can focus on my costume and not worry so much about decorating. Because, right, I have nothing else I should be working on that’s more important than my Halloween costume.
  • I think I might miss the Wrangler just a little bit. We share the Halloween love, and I think that’s why I’m not as gung-ho this year.
  • GB and I are up to Season 3 of Buffy, and it really is just as good the third time around.
  • This is the “fuck it” part. I’m tired. I want to blog because I miss y’all, but I really don’t have much. Uh, how y’all doing?