Wow, I feel like I’ve been away from here for a while, and I’m not feeling like there are a lot of good reasons to come back. The Blogger Beta switch really killed my love for the blog–yes, I’m lazy, and now it’s all just too complicated. I wonder–in a lazy, unmotivated sort of way–if switching to WordPress, as I’ve been threatening to do, would help. But I’m annoyed about not being able to import my last three months of posts, and I’m not sure if I can blog from my phone or not, and I think I’ve typed this *exact same paragraph* multiple times on here before.

Bleh. I got nothing.

I’ve been obsessing lately over trying to get a calendar setup I’m happy with, since I no longer trust Google to manage all my data. I have really put WAY too much energy and time into this decision. Right now I’m working with Sunbird, which seems fine, I guess. But I know what’s really going on behind this relentless search for just the right calendar…I’ve always done this: when I have things that really need to get done and I’m freaked out about doing them, I get totally OCD about organizational tools. It’s completely counterproductive, but it helps me to not think about the things I really, really need to be thinking about.

In the most exciting news of my weekend (she said, quickly changing the subject), I am the proud owner of a dresser for the first time in about a decade, and I can actually find my clothes now. GB and I ventured out to–wait for it–are you ready? Seriously?–Ikea. You heard me. I’m not sure how it happened, either, but all of the sudden there we were, in one of the most horrifying places I have ever encountered…for a while. After about 10 minutes, GB said, Hey, *this* is cute. What a good deal! And then it was all over. We caved. We succumbed to whatever it is they pump through the vents (is it the meatballs? Are they really made from Swedes?) and we became happy shoppers. And now I own this:

And I am totally not embarrassed bored enough to confess it to the internets.

What’s up with all y’all? I mean, I’m reading your blogs (though logging in and out of Google Accounts DRIVES ME FUCKING CRAZY and so I’m not commenting as much as I’d like to), so I have a general idea. But feel free to fill me in here, too. And do you have a calendar system you love and would recommend? Preferably one that lets me subscribe to iCal feeds AND syncs with my Palm Pilot? Because I have all these really scary and huge things I need to do, and so clearly I need more distractions.