I had the best workout at the gym today–treadmill and weights, followed by a fairly decadent shower (for a gym) including ginger conditioner and this great-smelling aloe soap. I totally heart my gym, and I have to say I never thought I’d enjoy working out this much.

So the gym situation is good, and the Weight Watchers is still going well, and I’ve lost about 6 pounds so far, which is slow but good–and I’m probably hallucinating that my arms are *already* looking buffer, but that’s a hallucination I’m okay with.

The work situation, on the other hand, is less all-good-progress and more oh-my-god-I-suck. I can’t seem to get a groove going with the reading/writing/drumming up more fieldwork. I went to a departmental thing yesterday, which was the first time I’d seen most of my colleagues, professors, and administrators in more than three months. That was mostly good–it was nice to hear other people admit they hadn’t gotten much done over the summer (though of course My Freaking Nemesis was all, yeah, I did a *ton* of fieldwork. Bah.).

I saw my second committee member, too, for the first time in months–I told her I was applying for these fellowships, and that I was planning on having two chapter drafts done by January for the application. She was, shall we say, less than supportive. Well, I guess she was supportive in that tough-love kind of way that makes people say things like, “Huh. You really think you can get two chapters done by then? You don’t have much research done.” Uh, yeah, thanks for the vote of confidence. Do you see why I’m freaking terrified that my advisor will actually leave and she’ll be my new Chair?

And I’m pretty sure my advisor avoided me for the entire evening, until about 30 seconds before I had to leave. But, granted, I might be a smidge paranoid.