*the sound of the adults on Peanuts cartoons. That’s about how coherent I feel.

I think I’m having some trouble adjusting to not teaching or being at school much this semester. I’ve been trying to get a solid schedule down for my research and writing, but I’m slacking too much, not getting enough done, and then feeling stuck because I’m not making any progress. I do have a colloquium this term that meets every other week, and the first meeting of that is tomorrow, so I’ll have at least a little contact with my colleagues and my committee (two of my committee members run the colloquium). So I guess that’s good, though I’m not especially looking forward to people I haven’t seen in months asking about my progress.

I did a fitness assessment at the gym today. I’m trying to stay optimistic about this new exercise routine, so let’s just say that I’m now aware of the areas in which I have, as my tiny, blonde, 23 year old fitness trainer kindly put it, “room for improvement.”

I didn’t blog about the Brunch of Rage because it was so painfully uneventful that I just had to come home and nap. Which is good, too, right? Because all-drama-all-the-time is not helpful, useful, or desirable? Yeah, I guess. Whatever. Jason and Bad Idea are talking again, though, which is a good thing–Bad Idea was at the Brunch of Rage Boredom, already mixing up the bloody marys when we got there. So there may be more dramatic stories to tell eventually, but not so much right now.

And in case I haven’t mentioned lately how much I HATE TYPING UP FIELDNOTES, let me just put that on the record.

Hooray, no RBoC this time!* The wind has completely gone out of my blogging sails. How do you regain the will to blog?

*Yes, I do realize that randomness in paragraph form isn’t fooling anyone.