…mostly because I’ve been busy, though I still feel like I’m not getting much done. I haven’t actually made any progress on the two chapters that need to get written, for example. And the fellowship applications are coming pretty slowly.

On the positive side, though, GB and I finished Season Two of Buffy tonight, and I forgot how awesome that season finale actually is. And I suggested that we watch Angel interspersed with the Buffies when we get to that point, and GB agreed that’s probably a good idea, so fall and winter will be entertaining. And I’ve been to the gym five days in the past week, so I’m rocking that. And I am actually really, really liking Weight Watchers. And I had a pretty good fieldwork experience this morning, so I feel like not quite such a big loser.

And I’m a smidge tipsy, which maybe you didn’t get from this mostly contentless post. But maybe you got it from the timestamp.

I really need something exciting, or interesting, or drama-filled to blog about. Oh, wait! I’m going to The Brunch of Rage at StillTalking’s house tomorrow! That should be entertaining, I hope. I’ll report back. Anything else I can tell you? Suggestions are welcome. I’m running out of blog-steam.