So last night while drunkblogging I switched over to Blogger Beta. I’m not sure it was a great idea, and I don’t think it was a decision to make drunkenly, but there it is. I have to go to the Brunch of Rage in a bit, so I don’t have time to fuck around more with the template right now–so I apologize if it’s so hideous right now that it makes you cry. I’ll try to do more later…with more drunkblogging, probably, depending on how the bloody marys flow.

The biggest issue I’m having with the Beta so far is that I linked it to my Google account, and now I can’t keep my real Gmail open *and* blog at the same time. Annoying. I need to find a way around that…plus, working on this should keep me away from real work for awhile.

Damn, I hope things get more interesting around here soon.