I was serious about blaming him for all that Dangerous Mood business last night (well, that and the rain, and briefly running into Bad Idea at the bar before the show). But the show itself…damn. The venue was unfortunate (too bright, and no alcohol–so totally the wrong place), but I thought he sounded better than he has in quite a while–he was actually singing, and not just mumbling the words over feedback and distortion, like he’s been for the past few years.

And you know, at this point I’ve been seeing Buckner live for about 9 years, and have had a gi-normous drunk-crush on him for about that long, so seeing him has that weird nostalgic element to it, too. I don’t mean that to sound quite as stalkery as it does. But it’s familiar and bittersweet and kind of like seeing an old flame. In a stalkery kind of way.

And I got the new album, and I don’t think it sucks, which is more than I was hoping for.

I have a mood bubbling right under my surface mood that I can’t quite put my finger on, and I’m not sure what to do with it. I think I need to make a new mix CD for fall…