• Will I ever be able to blog without bullets again? The verdict remains out.
  • I have a wicked, awful, violent hangover. Ow. I think I’m old and I think my liver is pleading for mercy.
  • I joined a gym–a really, really nice gym. I knew that I would never be motivated to get to the crappy, small, dark school gym, especially now that I live even farther from it. Plus, paying for membership (I got a really good student rate) makes me financially accountable, and since finances are super tight I think I’ll be more inclined to go, rather than to waste the money. And best of all, the lovely and kind IB joined the same gym with me (we went together to sign up on Friday)–so I’ll have a workout buddy on weekends! I’m meeting her there this afternoon. Assuming I can stand up by then.
  • Last night was the first bumper pool night at Jason’s new place, and it’s a bumper pool basement again! Fun time, though still no Bad Idea (they’re still not speaking, sadly) and no Squirrel. And I kept drinking even after I felt like stopping. Which is stupid. And see bullet #2.
  • Weight Watchers is going pretty well. Thank goddess for the weekly flexpoints. And these are my new favorite snack–yes, really. They taste like those 99 cent bags of bbq chips. See, chemicals make everything taste better.
  • Sorry I’ve been lax in my blog-commenting too. I’m still reading, just quietly lately.