(Despite their amazing resemblance, these are actually slightly different from the last post’s Random Bullets of Crap. It’s like one of those kids’ puzzles, you know? Where you have to spot the differences? God, I’m tired.)

  • Why am I so tired? GB and I have been sleeping a lot. I mean, seriously a lot. Like 9 or 10 hours a night. Last night we went to bed super-early (for us)–right around midnight. GB set his alarm so he could clean and read this morning before his first class. Needless to say, the alarm failed to go off, and we woke up at 10:00. Ten. Freaking. O. Clock. 40 minutes before GB’s first class. So he asked me to drive him to school. We went to the car to find…
  • A ticket for *$120* on the windshield. Apparently when we came home from Jason’s on Friday night we failed to see the handicapped sign behind (not next to. Not in front of. But behind.) the parking space we found. I knew we found that space too easily, dammit!
  • And I still got GB to school late.
  • Meeting with The Advisor tomorrow. Haven’t seen him since May. Still have no idea if he’s leaving or staying, though I suppose I’ll find that out tomorrow. An.Xi.Ous.
  • Didn’t manage to do many of the longer trips for fieldwork that I was supposed to do (and was funded–albeit by not that much funding–for) this summer. Do I lie and tell him I went on at least one of the trips? Do I say they’re coming up? Do I emphasize the amount of fieldwork I’ve done around here (lying appropriately, of course, about the amount of fieldwork I haven’t gotten done)?
  • Thanks for all the advice and tips about Weight Watchers. I found a bunch of great info online, and I bought the WW Complete Food Companion, and I made up a spreadsheet to track my daily points and weekly flexpoints (actually, I found this awesome spreadsheet online and modified it just a bit). So I cancelled the online subscription, and I think I can do this all for free. We’ll see.
  • I’m embarrassed to blog about, or talk about, Weight Watchers. So thanks to all of you who came forward as other WW people.
  • I think I’m going to start going to the gym at school. I want to start this week, but I’m having an awful lot of anxiety about it. I’d really like to go after my meeting with The Advisor tomorrow…we’ll see if I can conquer the anxiety.
  • Trying to finish a draft of this fellowship proposal to give The Advisor tomorrow. I reread what I’d written and I kind of hate it. I’m trying to rewrite it and I’ve given myself an enormous headache.
  • The Virgo Party was fun, though relatively uneventful. Lots and lots of good tequila is an excellent thing, though.
  • I’m in a weird place, motivation-wise. I need to get my shit together. Yes, that’s vague, but that’s kind of how I’m feeling: vaguely unhappy about my motivation, and kind of wanting to hide in a closet until I get it fixed.
  • I’m having dinner tonight with my only actual friend in my department. I like her a lot, and have since we both started here, but we really only see each other every few months. She just moved out of state, which really won’t affect the amount I see her, but does motivate me to actually see her when she’s here now. Since I really only have two friends in my field (though her area is pretty different from mine), it’s always nice to see her. I just keep feeling like other people have more “friends” in their PhD programs than I do. I have a handful of people who I like, and I’m happy to say hi or make small talk with them at colloquia or receptions, but that’s about it. Not that it really matters, but is that normal?
  • I think I might be getting a cold. That would actually explain a lot.