• The cookout at Jason’s new place last night was fun in that goofy, hanging out in the backyard at the end of summer kind of way. Highlights included both GB and the Squirrel falling backwards in their lawn chairs, three times each. Since I was sitting in the lawnchair between them, this unfailingly made me laugh every time.
  • Tonight is the Virgo party here, to celebrate GB’s, Blanche’s and my birthdays. It’ll be the first party (though it should be a small one) in the new tiny apartment. Drunkblogging may ensue.
  • Before the party, though, I’m going to a cocktail hour hosted by a prof I worked with last year; all the executive committee members of my field’s Big Ass Association will be there. Not sure why I said I’d go…when clearly, this is a recipe for disaster, anxiety, and possibly a little crying. It also makes me a little grumpy that I only have one actual friend in my department after four years here, and that one friend just moved out of state, so I have no actual allies left. Stress-o-rama.
  • Speaking of stress-o-rama: I have seriously fallen down on the job on many dissertation-related things. I am so freaked out by how much stuff I should be, and am not, doing that I can’t even tell you about it. Thus the light blogging and commenting lately.
  • My school has a hold on my registration because they think I need immunizations. Have I mentioned that this is my *5th year* here? Stupid online registration–you just can’t argue with it.
  • I started Weight Watchers this week. I have the online trial membership…and so far I like it. But is it worth it to pay for the online membership when my trial is up? (I totally don’t see myself going to meetings, so it’s online or nothing. But do I need the membership? Can I just count up points myself? Anybody with experience on this?)
  • I’m also trying out new menstrual technology. So far I’m undecided…I think I like it, for the most part. But between all this stuff, it’s been a weird week.
  • I feel like I could just bitch and whine endlessly here. So I’ll stop.