Since our birthdays are 14 days apart, this year GB and I bought a joint birthday gift for ourselves: this Buffy collector’s set. We ordered it a few weeks ago, and were starting to wonder where the hell it was…and then we got home last night, and there it was! It’s all 7 seasons of Buffy, plus a guide to all the episodes and a little extra bonus DVD of featurettes, all in this awesomely compact little package.

I’ve seen all the Buffy seasons, all the way through, twice; the Wrangler and I watched them all the way through about three years ago. But GB hasn’t seen a lot of them, so we’re starting over. We’re about halfway through season one, and I’m loving being back in the Buffyverse. And watching anything is better with GB…so I’m looking forward to a good fall. TV-wise, anyway.

I am a nerd. It’s true.

I wonder if I can get GB to watch Angel again in sequence with the Buffys?

I wonder if GB and I will actually get any work done this fall?