I just cannot get anything done. I’m tired of being here, I’m ready to go to SF, and I can’t seem to do anything but think about how lame I am. And read blogs. And you people–have I mentioned that you don’t blog often enough on the weekends? So I’m left trying to find new blogs to read. Which led me here, among many many other places, which led me to this kind of neat place that will make haiku from your recent blog posts. I had to refresh a bunch of times to get anything good…but it’s not like I’m doing anything else. Here are some I liked:

i haven’t been
able to blog but still feel
oddly compelled

serious boyfriends
and occasional random
boyfriends and girlfriends

more things that make me
feel better gb and i have
not stopped laughing

sabbath tequila
pensive no just thinking i
know i haven’t

shots of tequila
which really did help much
more than they should have

Fun–you can go here and make your own.

I am all about temporary distractions right now. Anybody got any others for me?