Just a couple random things I keep meaning to tell y’all…I just bought a new memory card reader, so I can actually blog photos now.*

First, I just have to tell you that the room we’re staying in this time (a different guestroom than our usual one, since GB’s parents live here too now) is decorated entirely in a Scary-Clown motif. And not in an ironic way; in a sincere decorating theme. The Whole. Freaking. Room. Oil paintings of clowns. Lithographs of clowns. Sad clowns. Happy clowns. Killer clowns. They’re all here. This is what I see from the bed:

Oh, can you not quite see that? Here, let me show you exactly what is grinning and leering at me when I wake up (and no, it’s not *just* Gospel Bob):
Yeah. Brrr. I wasn’t really all that coulrophobic** before this visit, but I feel it coming on. (Fortunately, Google reassures me that there is “treatment and hope,” which is actually much funnier than anything I’m posting here and kind of makes me want to rewrite this whole post.)

And on a related–but quite different–topic, the Blond Boy Circus (which has no actual clowns, fortunately) left town today, but I did get a picture. It doesn’t quite do justice to the extreme blondness going on here, but it’s cute.

*Yes, you heard me: I bought a new memory card reader specifically for vacation blogging. Here’s something kind of funny about this: GB really hasn’t quite understood the whole world of blogging, and doesn’t get why I get so into it. Until yesterday, when–as I think I mentioned–we had our super-fabulous-meetup with Ms. & Mr. Q, and we talked about why the blogworld is so fun. Later, I realized I’d forgotten the card reader, and we went to buy another one. GB said, “Why don’t you just buy a bigger memory card instead of buying another reader, when we have one at home?” I said, Well, I need to blog these pictures *now*. And GB said, “Oh, right. I forgot. Here’s a card reader you can buy.” Hee! I think he’s coming around.

**Yes, I looked it up.