I woke up at 7am Pacific time–clearly too early to go interact with the family, especially since GB is still snoozing contentedly, and a time that feels very much like the middle of the night to me when I’m on the east coast. Also too early to attempt any work, of course, because who works at 7am with no coffee (for which I’d have to go interact)? Well, I thought, the internets are awake. Let’s see what they have to say.

But y’all are being a little too quiet today. Which makes me think you all *must* be working already, you ambitious easternly people.

OK, so, the trip is going all right so far. GB’s parents have moved in with his grandparents since the last time we were here, and the Ex-Surfer Uncle is visiting with the three miniature cousins, so it’s nice to have so much family under one roof. Everyone in GB’s family looks remarkably, and oddly, alike, much more than most families–GB himself looks like he could have sprung, fully-formed, from his mom. When GB plays Yahtzee with the Three Miniature Cousins, it’s like the Blond-Boy Circus has come to town. (I have a photo of this that I’ll try to post later. It’s freaking adorable.)

AND, I have two–TWO!–blogger meetups planned for this trip! Friends, I went 9 months between blogger meetups, and now I have TWO coming up! My reports may (or may not) be cryptic, but I’ll keep you posted.

And my whole homesick-for-California thing? *Totally* justified. The air really does feel different here. Can’t explain it…but it’s making me just want to think and think and think about my life.