Or, 10 things I’ve done that I’m guessing you haven’t. (I. Love. This. Meme.) Last seen at the inimitable and oh-so-special Ms. Q‘s.

  1. Got married at age 16
  2. Skipped 5th grade
  3. Had a threesome, on at least 5 different occasions. And a foursome. And a fivesome.
  4. Was part of a 3-way relationship
  5. Had 2+ serious boyfriends (and occasional random boyfriends and girlfriends) concurrently for multiple years
  6. Passed two kidney stones
  7. Got married in a campground
  8. Had a job that required me to look at porn–random stuff as well as “illegal content”–for 8 hours a day
  9. Got a tattoo on my kitchen table (and its partner, had-a-tattoo-get-infected)
  10. I have never seen Top Gun, Titanic, or Dirty Dancing.