GB and I have not stopped laughing about this for about four days now.

It’s funny because you know it’s true.

In other, more content-y news, I’m doing better than I was. You all rock so damn much; I am overwhelmed by the amount of support and goodwill coming my way from comments, emails, and general good vibes.

I also spent some more time with this workbook, which was actually much more helpful than I thought it would be. One of the most useful suggestions in there, for me, was one of the simplest: to spend a day acting as though you already looked exactly like you wish you did. Why stop at a day, though, I say? I’m a longtime fan of the advice to “fake it ’til you make it.” And I know that one of the biggest problems I’ve had with this whole Stupid Fucking Issue is the number of ways that I’ve changed my behavior because of it–the number of things I think I can’t do, or shouldn’t do, because I’m worried about what other people will think. So my new strategy for dealing with the beliefs about my body that make me want to change my behavior is this:

Fuck that.

Whaddaya think? I like it. I loved Shrinky‘s suggestion, “Fuck it. This is what I look like,” but it’s hard for me to remember sometimes. So I’m thinking that just shortening it, and then acting like I really am (still) as hot as I want to be, might do the trick. At least a little.

And if this doesn’t work, I am *all* about Weezy’s idea for an online happy hour.