I’m thinking that I need to work on changing my outlook lately, because I seem to be overemphasizing the negative (or, more accurately, the stressful/confusing/slightly irritating) parts of my life lately, and minimizing or ignoring the positive (fulfilling, successful, happy) parts.

I’m thinking this because I picked up my teaching evaluations from last semester. I picked them up last week, actually, and I have not said one word about them–not to you, not to GB, not at all. Because they were good, across the board (it was a small board–a small class. And by “good” I mean no one told me I sucked, or had no freaking idea what I was talking about. Still, though, you see my point). And I apparently only think/care/talk about evals when there are problems.

But fuck that. Seriously. It’s no wonder I’ve been in a big old funk lately, if I refuse to let myself enjoy any success or happy moments in favor of worrying the possible failures like a loose tooth. So hey! I got some good evaluations! I don’t suck!