We may have needed a little photo-meme-challenge to finalize the plans, but I’m happy to say that I had my second-ever blogger meetup yesterday, and I got to have ice cream with the lovely and more-charming-than-she-thinks Lucy! She was extremely kind about my over-anxious babbling and my refusal to let her walk home. This is my version of the photo of us having ice cream together. We were too busy eating and talking to remember to take photos–thus the teensy bit of ice cream left on our spoons.

I realized though, after ice cream with Lucy, that I went nine months between blogger meetups, when I know I live near other bloggers, and I know that people visit my town. Makes me realize that the social anxiety might be getting the best of me, and I think I need to try to do better. So: I think I can get in blogger-meetup-number-three sometime in the next, say, eight months. Who’s in?