The boys are going to a show tonight that I’m ambivalent about–I like the band, but I’m not crazy about them, which is why I didn’t get a ticket back when they did. The Squirrel called a while ago to say I could still get a ticket if I want, and that I should come meet them over at Bad Idea’s, have a few beers, and then go to the show with the Squirrel, Bad Idea, Jason, and StillTalking.

On the one hand, this seems like an excellent idea. I’ve been kind of down today, and having a few drinks with the boys seems like a good plan…especially since I’m wearing my brand new, super cool T. Rex shirt, pretty much ensuring that someone I run into is going to want to make out with me. I would think, anyway.

On the other hand, the whole endeavor would be an enormous pain in the ass. I would either need to drive the 25 minutes to Bad Idea’s, stay sober, and then drive to the show, try to park, stay sober, and drive home; or I’d need to spend an hour on public transportation–and take *3 freaking buses*–to get to Bad Idea’s. Also, I’m not sure if GB is planning on going to this other party we were invited to tonight, and I won’t be able to reach him until he gets off work at 10…and I think I just talked myself out of the show, because I’m making myself tired just thinking about how to work all this.

I like our new place, I really do. And it’s true that proximity to Bad Idea and the Squirrel’s houses was really not a huge part of the consideration in moving here. And I think it’s the funk talking, really, and making this all seem way too hard.

I’m thinking that popping over to the 7-11 for some juice to go with my vodka seems like enough energy expenditure. And I’m hoping this funk lifts soon.