Granted, there were a few weeks there when I got little to nothing done on the dissertation. I was packing and moving at the time, though, so while I was anxious about not working, I had a legitimate reason.

This week I decided to get back to work. Not the easiest thing to do, but I did make some headway this week: I found a new venue for the questionnaire part of the research, and I actually made it to the library and started working through some of the sources I need. Not great, but not nothing, either.

So why, friends, why today am I Freaking. Out. about the amount of work I’m not getting done? And I do mean Freaking Out with big ol’ capital letters; I’m convinced that I can’t possibly catch up, that I’ll never, ever finish, that my research is crap anyway (having STILL not heard back from my one major informant), and that this all must mean that I’m O-L-D and Not Hot and will never actually succeed at anything I’m currently working on.

Oy. Oy. Oy. I know that it can’t really be quite as bad as I think it is. Right? I mean, is it possible that my research and my relationships and my dissertation and my career prospects and my self-worth have ALL come crashing down, all at once?

Probably not so much. But I’m feeling crappy about all of them, all at once.

How do you get yourself working again when you just feel overwhelmed?