Criminy, I am an emotional freak tonight. GB worked a double at the burger palace today, so I’ve been home all day trying to get back to “working”. It’s gone okay (for not having worked in weeks), but I did too many scattered things today, and now I’m just…emotional. I think a meme is in order.

Seen over at Canada‘s, and at crse‘s. Thank goddess for mindless entertainment. And for Three Buck Chuck.

2 moments in your life you’d like to erase:
1. The whole year that GB lived in Arizona, when I first moved to the state we’re in now–and the first few months after he moved here. That time was freaking *hard*, and I hate even thinking about it.
2. The death of my old cat–the one I had from 1979 – 1998.
4 moments you’d like to relive:
1. The raining, singing, camping weekend with GB, Skycat and the Yogini. I’m thinking of one in particular, but any of them, really.
2. Any of the rental-house weekends with the SF people.
3. Almost any of the times I did a particular illicit substance with GB and the other SF kids.
4. Pretty much any of the Dead shows (or those other shows, with that other band–crse knows who I mean!) with the Hometown gang.

2 places you wouldn’t go to/go to again:
1. I have very little desire to visit the entire continent of Asia, despite technically hailing from there. No reason. Just not especially motivated.
2. Uh, high school.
4 places you can’t wait to visit/visit again:
1. San Francisco (sorry about that, crse)–we’ll be there at the end of the month!
2. Hometown. So, so much fun last time.
3. Have not yet visited Scotland and Ireland, despite wanting to do so since the age of 4. Made it to England, but no farther, due to a long, complicated, dramatic story that I’ll tell you sometime.
4. Employmentlandia.

2 foods you can’t stand:
1. Food made of mammals.
2. Baby corn. Spawn of the freaking devil.
4 foods you love:
1. Indian (all of it. If I had to pick? My favorite Indian place ever makes a paneer tikka korma that I dream about).
2. My Favorite Sub Shop in the Whole Freaking World (can you tell I’m getting psyched for my SF trip?)
3. Pizza, apparently, since it’s one of my staples.
4. Really good burritos.

2 current songs that make you change the station:
What do you mean by “current”? Because I don’t think I listen to anything recorded before about 15 years ago. Hi, I’m old.
1. The one station I listen to in the car plays Madonna’s “Borderline” way too much. At first it was kind of cute and retro. Now it’s just annoying.
2. Um, I hate a lot of new music. Hi. It’s me. I’m old.
4 current songs you play over and over:
Again, I’m interpreting “current” loosely here.
1. T Rex, “Solid Gold Easy Action”
2. Devendra Banhart, “Michigan State”
3. Um, I haven’t been listening to enough music lately, and that might be the problem.
4. Although my 18 year old nephew–my favorite one–called me today to ask who sang “Ring of Fire,” because he’d heard it and really liked it, and he thinks that he might be starting to have the same taste in music as me. Awesome. And yes, I totally copped out on this question. I need to load the CD changer tomorrow.

2 books you’d never finish/read again:
1. The DaVinci Code. Read about the first 2 chapters, and it made me physically ill. How can someone with absolutely no writing skills be as rich as Dan Brown?
2. The Celestine Prophecy. My excuse is that I was tricked, and drinking heavily during the time I read this. I regret every moment I spent with it. It drives me crazy when inanity gets passed off as deep thinking.
4 books you have read more than once, and/or will read again:
God, so many. I reread books compulsively.
1. Love in the Time of Cholera. I reread it every few years. Gabriel Garcia Marquez makes me happy to be alive.
2. The Schrodinger’s Cat Trilogy. Did you think this paranoia came naturally? No, you have to work at this shit. Unlike The Illuminatus Trilogy, though, I thought Schrodinger’s was pretty well done, and less blatantly offensive in some ways…
3. Jitterbug Perfume and Still Life with Woodpecker. Love ’em.
4. Most books by Margaret Atwood, Toni Morrison, Kurt Vonnegut, and J.D. Salinger (I hear ya, crse!). Most books of poetry by Neruda, Garcia Lorca, and Ondaatje. I reread. It’s what I do.

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