• I hear you, friends, on the call for Bad Idea videos. I’ll see what I can do. I do have a couple videos of him from the bumper pool basement, but I can’t blur people’s faces in the videos so it’s hard to find one that might work. And there’s a reason he’s not in the video from Saturday, which is…
  • Jason and Bad Idea had a totally bizarre falling out, and Bad Idea was deliberately and overtly un-invited to the party (in that Jason actually called him to say, hey, don’t come to the barbecue). Weird, I know. They’ve been friends for 20+ years, so I’m pretty sure they’ll work it out, but it made for a pretty weird day overall.
  • I can’t believe how behind I am on the whole dissertation research thing. I feel like I’ve fallen completely out of touch with all my informants and all my fieldsites, and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to get back on this. Plus, it’s not helping that I did email my main informant (the one I work with most often) to say, hey, sorry I’ve been away and I’d like to visit again, and she is so totally NOT answering. Which means, of course, that she hates me. Right? I can’t think of any other reasons for not responding to my email. Clearly, I suck.
  • Did anybody else get a chain email from Rev. Fr. Mbaka today? It’s such a classic, old school chain letter, what with the ominous warnings, the “don’t send money,” and the you-only-have-so-many days, but it’s got a twist that I found just awesome. Here’s the email I got:
    • Hello,
      A message from Rev.Fr.Mbaka.
      I hear you my child Holy Holy Holy WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.
      This paper has been sent to bring luck, The original copy is in England. it has been around sometimes. The luck has been sent to you. You will receive good luck
      within four days on receiving this letter provided that you send it out. This is no joke. You will receive good luck in turn, send no money, as it has no price. Do not keep this letter. It must leave your hand within 96 hours. A royal force officer received 35,000.00 naira. Joe Watton received 7,000.00 naira and lost it because he broke the chain, while Philippinean Ganon Luch lost his wife six days after receiving this letter he
      received 7.775,000.00 naira.
      Please send 20 copies and see what will happen in yur (4)days. This chain comes from Venice and Saul Anthony Do Cous a missionary both in America. Since the copy
      is for the world, you must make 20 copies and send it out to friends and associates. Do not do the following.
      Cousino Dals received the chain in 1953, he asked his secretary to make 20 copies of them, a few days later he won a lottery of 3,000.000.00.naira Carlose Darwell
      and office employee received the letter and forgot that it has to leave his hands within 96 hours he lost his job. After he found the letter again he rolled 20 copies, a few days later, he got a better job. Dolas Languard received this letter not believing through 12
      days later he died.
      In 1987, the letter was on a young woman in California. It was very fade and barely readable she promised herself that she would retype the letter and send it out but she put it aside to do it later, she was plagued while various problems including
      expensive repairs. The letter did not leave her hands on 19 however, she finally typed the letter as promised and mailed copies and she got new job.
      Goerge Bush received the letter before Nov.3 1998. he sent out 20 copies and became the America president. Jaccgson Viguo, Rhode Island received the letter and sent 20 copies and 3days inherited god things from his uncle.
      You must make sure that you don’t break the chain, write 20 copies and give it to friends and relatives.
      I wish you good luck

      From Rev.Fr.Mbaka.

  • Holy crap. Is the Rev. Fr. actually suggesting that if I send 20 copies of this letter out, I could be the next president of the America? Just like Goerge? I can’t risk screwing this up. Posting here should count for about 20 letters, I think.
  • And I am still laughing at the image of Bush hand-copying this letter and mailing it out to 20 friends, like the chain letter I sent out when I was nine.
  • I think that’s all I got. How was your Monday?