In the new phase of bumper pool–the Bumper Pool BBQ–the boys have been kind enough to obscure their identities for easy blogging. Though how much this really “obscures” their identities is a question for the ages. Or the internets.

GB ponders the burger/bumper pool combination:

GB and Jason face off. Yes, they did wear these masks for most of the evening. No, there’s no real reason why.

GB, aka Monkey Boy, takes a shot (I like that you can see the path of the ball in this picture). Jason is in the reflection in the window. The hobbit-like figure next to him is yours truly.

This was a cool series, taken from the porch, looking in at the bumper pool room. This is not the coolest shot, visually, but it’s the only one where I don’t have to try to blur anyone. This is StillTalking on the left, the Squirrel with his back to the window, and GB on the right.