August 2006

I’m hoping it’s true that a picture is worth at least a few dozen words, because otherwise I will never catch up on the tripblogging so far.

On Monday we left the town where GB‘s family lives. They call it the “City of Flowers,” but it’s only occasionally that you can really see why:

We went to visit some of GB’s relatives from his dad’s side. There are very few things about California that I really hate, but this long, hot, thirsty, brown drive through the middle of the state would be one of them.

We were understandably happy, then, to finally come across one lone cafe, in the middle of nowhere, just as I was starting to wonder if I really was going to pass out from dehydration and heat.

Not just *any* cafe: the cafe’s parking lot houses the James Dean memorial. Apparently his fatal car crash occurred 900 yards from this spot. How ’bout that.

This is one of the plaques at the memorial, with LB and GB shadowblogging.
And I think GB was suffering from the heat and dehydration too, because he got this sticker out of a gumball machine in the restaurant and decided to go ahead and stick it on the car.* In case you can’t read it, it says “I (heart) hotties with bodies.”

Onward, then, to visit the other side of the family. I totally get why GB might be prone to multiple personalities, since the two sides of his family, if they weren’t related, would almost certainly be involved in generations-long feuds. But we had a lovely visit, and this beer tasted mighty good.
The next day we went to Yosemite, which was way too close to where we were not to visit (especially since I’d never been there, despite all my years on the west coast). It was absolutely freaking amazing, and we spent a good part of the afternoon.
My favorite part of the day: wading in the river. (I’m waving, not shaking my fist–though I’ve been doing some fist-shaking too. But not in rivers. Mostly at other drivers.)
Then it was off to San Francisco! Damn, I miss this city.
We stayed with Skycat and the Yogini Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and I don’t have bloggable pictures of that, really, but my god, I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. Seriously. I thought I was going to break something. On Wednesday night we had tacos for dinner, per my birthday request. Too. Fucking. Good. And altogether so, so much fun. Sigh.

We did also make it to my favorite restaurant in the whole entire fucking world. Yes, it’s a sub shop. No, I have no idea why no one else can make sandwiches like this, but they just don’t, okay?

In what is, I think, our longest ongoing ritual together, we did what we’ve always done, and took our subs to the park. Sigh. Sigh. GB, my favorite subs, the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park, and then going back to Skycat and the Yogini’s rooftop abode. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

And that brings us just about up to now, in the hotel we’re staying in tonight where the wireless is indeed free. But I have more eating to do this evening before I even get to the drinking part. Drunkblogging will follow!

*It’s GB’s car–he left it at his parents when he came to the other coast, and we drive it when we’re out here. The rest of the time, his poor uncle–who is not especially a supporter of Animal Liberation, or Donna the Buffalo, or any of the other bumper stickers that GB has on the car–though he may support Hotties with Bodies–borrows it.


Because I am the birthday-self-promotion-whore-extraordinaire….

Happy birthday to me!

I owe y’all lots of posting. It will follow eventually….actually, there will almost certainly be drunkblogging tonight, since we’ll be at a hotel with free wi-fi (aka gods’ little birthday gift to me). And I have a bunch of photoblogging lined up. It’ll be great, and worth waiting for.

And I haven’t been reading blogs lately. What have y’all been up to?

Blogosphere, look out! Gospel Bob is back, and he’s full of hate.

I had a feeling that he couldn’t resist the blogging for much longer, especially when he started realizing how cute bloggers really are. And lo and behold, he awoke this morning with a multitude of blogging plans.

So go! Read! Give him some love! Help him understand my blogging obsession by helping him develop one of his own!

I just cannot get anything done. I’m tired of being here, I’m ready to go to SF, and I can’t seem to do anything but think about how lame I am. And read blogs. And you people–have I mentioned that you don’t blog often enough on the weekends? So I’m left trying to find new blogs to read. Which led me here, among many many other places, which led me to this kind of neat place that will make haiku from your recent blog posts. I had to refresh a bunch of times to get anything good…but it’s not like I’m doing anything else. Here are some I liked:

i haven’t been
able to blog but still feel
oddly compelled

serious boyfriends
and occasional random
boyfriends and girlfriends

more things that make me
feel better gb and i have
not stopped laughing

sabbath tequila
pensive no just thinking i
know i haven’t

shots of tequila
which really did help much
more than they should have

Fun–you can go here and make your own.

I am all about temporary distractions right now. Anybody got any others for me?

Just a couple random things I keep meaning to tell y’all…I just bought a new memory card reader, so I can actually blog photos now.*

First, I just have to tell you that the room we’re staying in this time (a different guestroom than our usual one, since GB’s parents live here too now) is decorated entirely in a Scary-Clown motif. And not in an ironic way; in a sincere decorating theme. The Whole. Freaking. Room. Oil paintings of clowns. Lithographs of clowns. Sad clowns. Happy clowns. Killer clowns. They’re all here. This is what I see from the bed:

Oh, can you not quite see that? Here, let me show you exactly what is grinning and leering at me when I wake up (and no, it’s not *just* Gospel Bob):
Yeah. Brrr. I wasn’t really all that coulrophobic** before this visit, but I feel it coming on. (Fortunately, Google reassures me that there is “treatment and hope,” which is actually much funnier than anything I’m posting here and kind of makes me want to rewrite this whole post.)

And on a related–but quite different–topic, the Blond Boy Circus (which has no actual clowns, fortunately) left town today, but I did get a picture. It doesn’t quite do justice to the extreme blondness going on here, but it’s cute.

*Yes, you heard me: I bought a new memory card reader specifically for vacation blogging. Here’s something kind of funny about this: GB really hasn’t quite understood the whole world of blogging, and doesn’t get why I get so into it. Until yesterday, when–as I think I mentioned–we had our super-fabulous-meetup with Ms. & Mr. Q, and we talked about why the blogworld is so fun. Later, I realized I’d forgotten the card reader, and we went to buy another one. GB said, “Why don’t you just buy a bigger memory card instead of buying another reader, when we have one at home?” I said, Well, I need to blog these pictures *now*. And GB said, “Oh, right. I forgot. Here’s a card reader you can buy.” Hee! I think he’s coming around.

**Yes, I looked it up.

Friends, I’m sorry to leave you hanging for so long, but I haven’t been able to blog lately because…
…I’ve been busy drinking and talking a hundred miles a minute with the amazing, the charming, and the completely freaking adorable Mr. and Ms. Q!

Too! Much! Fun! I can’t! stop! using! exclamation points!

Our meetup was far too short, since GB and I had to drive to the middle-of-freaking-nowhere (think “human meat factory central”) to have dinner with the family in the evening…but, unless the Qs suddenly get, ahem, called out of town, we might get to spend another evening in their company before our return flight. Could we be that lucky? I’ll keep my fingers crossed and a bottle of vodka in the cooler (to be used for drinking toasts to new friends who feel like old friends). Posted by Picasa

I woke up at 7am Pacific time–clearly too early to go interact with the family, especially since GB is still snoozing contentedly, and a time that feels very much like the middle of the night to me when I’m on the east coast. Also too early to attempt any work, of course, because who works at 7am with no coffee (for which I’d have to go interact)? Well, I thought, the internets are awake. Let’s see what they have to say.

But y’all are being a little too quiet today. Which makes me think you all *must* be working already, you ambitious easternly people.

OK, so, the trip is going all right so far. GB’s parents have moved in with his grandparents since the last time we were here, and the Ex-Surfer Uncle is visiting with the three miniature cousins, so it’s nice to have so much family under one roof. Everyone in GB’s family looks remarkably, and oddly, alike, much more than most families–GB himself looks like he could have sprung, fully-formed, from his mom. When GB plays Yahtzee with the Three Miniature Cousins, it’s like the Blond-Boy Circus has come to town. (I have a photo of this that I’ll try to post later. It’s freaking adorable.)

AND, I have two–TWO!–blogger meetups planned for this trip! Friends, I went 9 months between blogger meetups, and now I have TWO coming up! My reports may (or may not) be cryptic, but I’ll keep you posted.

And my whole homesick-for-California thing? *Totally* justified. The air really does feel different here. Can’t explain it…but it’s making me just want to think and think and think about my life.

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