You know the red light in the bumper pool basement? The one that creates all the ambiance and makes all the photos look all cool like this?:

Well, Jason and the Squirrel came over tonight for the very last night of bumper pool in the basement–Jason will be taking the bumper pool table when we move on Sunday, but this’ll be it for the Bumper Pool Basement. So tonight the Squirrel turned on the basement light, went downstairs, and…the red light bulb had exploded.

It wasn’t dramatic–he just wondered why the light hadn’t gone on, turned on the other light, and realized that the bottom of the light bulb was in shards all over the basement floor.

That red bulb was in my last apartment, where it was used occasionally for after hours parties. We brought it to this apartment, and it’s been in the basement for the past two years–has been through countless basement parties, has been left on for days at a time when we forgot to turn it off and then decided to just do the laundry in the funky lighting. And it burst TWO NIGHTS before we move out.

That’s weird. And kind of cool.