What I’ve done in the past five hours:

  • Listed a bunch of stuff we’re getting rid of in the “free” section on Craigslist.
  • Immediately (really–like, within about 10 minutes of posting the ad) fielded 15+ emails from people who wanted the free foosball table, 3 about the coffee table, and one for the ironing board.
  • Spent 50 minutes driving 5.5 miles. “Driving” is an overstatement. I was sitting perfectly still in the car, surrounded by construction and other cars, for the vast majority of that time.
  • Met the realtor and got the signed lease and the apartment keys (WHOOOHOO!)
  • Checked mail at the new apartment; was overjoyed to find the letter confirming my car registration address change, without which I cannot get a resident permit parking sticker for my new neighborhood, without which I cannot park my car. Was less overjoyed to find a letter from the cable company saying, “As we discussed, you need to pay a deposit before we can install your service….” No one has discussed this with me, so I spent 20 minutes sitting in my car (hooray for a/c) on hold, waiting for someone to discuss this with me and take my credit card payment.
  • Had the brilliant absolutely fucking insane idea to *drive* into downtown City to deal with the parking permit at City Hall. I knew better. And I did it anyway.
  • Got utterly confused in a parking garage, causing a parking attendent to get a little snippy with me (“did you not see the parking space over there?” –did he mean the space large enough for a small shopping cart? No, I didn’t see that as a valid parking option–well, not at first. After another 10 minutes or so, it worked just fine.)
  • Stood in line at City Hall for 15 minutes (not bad, really)
  • Attempted to drive home from downtown City with only my innate navigational skills to guide me. I think we can all guess how that went. Suffice it to say it took another hour.

But I’m home, and I got the parking permit and the apartment keys, and I have people coming to get some of our free crap in a couple hours. And I have so earned myself a nap. Or a drink. Why do all of my friends work normal hours? Who will drink with me RIGHT NOW?

Fine. A nap, then. And I may have also earned the right to sit on the couch and drink tonight while GB finishes packing, don’t you think?