• Blogger is being a pain in the ass, and making me wonder again if I should switch to WordPress. I would do it in a minute if WordPress didn’t make it so hard to blog from my phone…guess I’ll just bitch about it and wait out Blogger’s annoyances.
  • My school’s website was down and/or slow all day too, which wouldn’t be a huge deal, except that I have to be on the school’s VPN to use some of my software. So the one day in, like, three weeks that I decide to work in ATLAS, I can’t use it. Nice.
  • I transcribed one interview today. The interview was about 1:20 long, and it took for-fucking-ever to transcribe (as they all do). That counts as progress on the diss, right? Even though it’s only one tiny thing on my list of things to do?
  • I’m back to being all socially-anxious and freaking out about contacting any of my contacts for observation and interviews. The eternal question: Why, why, why did I pick a methodology that is so completely wrong for my personality?
  • Almost everything in the house is packed, so we’re in that weird pre-moving limbo where we really don’t have any stuff, exactly. It’s nice, in a way, but I am so, so, so ready to be in the new apartment already.
  • Canada is right (and cracked me up): I will really miss the bumper pool table. Jason will be over sometime in the next couple days to take it off to its new home, with him. I’ll still see it, of course–especially since we just found out that Jason is moving on September 1st to the same town we’re moving to. I know something totally amazing will emerge in the new apartment to take the bumper pool table’s place, but it really is the end of an era.
  • I probably should take all this whining over to Phantom‘s, but Blogger isn’t cooperating so much and I feel weird about whining around other people lately…so instead, I’m just doing Polyopia’s All-Whining-All-The-Time.