I just made a fabulous trade: a giant jar full of my spare change for a hefty Amazon gift certificate. (Did you know that there are no fees at Coinstar when you get a gift card instead of cash? And you know how I love getting a bargain…) I’m going through my Amazon wish list right now, feeling like a kid in some kind of store.

But I had a quick question: I’m looking at a bunch of books about how to navigate the academic job search, and I’m wondering if any of y’all are familiar with any of these–is there one you’d particularly recommend, or one you think is pretty useless? (I’m in a humanities field, for what that’s worth.) The ones I’m looking at right now are The Academic Job Search Handbook, Job Search in Academe, Surviving Your Academic Job Hunt, and Getting an Academic Job (which is not so much a contender, since it’s twice the price of the others). Any of these work for you? Any others I should know about?