Lately I’ve been feeling like crap. I actually emailed some research group about participating in a study on BDD, because there’s still a tiny part of my head that knows that the things that are going on in there are not entirely normal, or healthy, or true. But this post is not, for the most part, about that (mostly because–as I think y’all know by now–I just tend to deal with Really Painful Things, especially on this blog, by mentioning and then ignoring them).

Part of my issue with all of this self-loathing and disgust I’ve got going on right now, though, is that nothing I wear feels comfortable. So today, after meeting the fabulous Iron Buttercup for a sangria-lunch, I decided to break down and do a little retail therapy. I got some shoes I’ve had my eye on…I can’t find them online and uploading pictures from my phone isn’t happening right now (because have I said lately that Blogger sucks?), but I’ll post a picture of them here at some point.

But then! I saw a great deal at Sierra Trading Post listed on Slickdeals: 20% off any order, PLUS $10 off $20 or more if you use Google Checkout, PLUS 20 cent shipping. I freaking love Sierra Trading Post anyway, and I love discount coupons, and I love extra discounts, and don’t even get me *started* on free shipping. Heaven, I tells ya.

So I got these, for GB, because he had these slippers, and loved them, until they were destroyed recently in a cat pee incident that is better forgotten:

I got these pants, because I’m incapable of NOT buying pants in this style:

(They’re not cropped, they just look oddly shortened in this photo.)

And I got this top. I’m undecided about this. I think I like it, but I’m worried it’s going to be a little too…highschool goth. What do you think?