To be any less productive today, I’d have had to be comatose.

I ordered delivery. Threw a few bottles in the recycling bin, threw some plastic cups in the trash. Watched Tapeheads with GB while we ate lunch (aka breakfast and dinner as well, today)–a surprisingly bad movie, I thought, considering how much I love both John Cusack and Tim Robbins. Thought about working. Thought about napping. Laid on the couch and switched between The Sixth Sense and Sybil until both movies got oddly mixed. Watched Deadwood with GB. Made a half-hearted attempt at reading some dissertation-related articles…for about 15 minutes. Threw some more bottles in the bin. Tried to pick a stupid, insecure argument with GB.

Say it with me: Un. Pro. Duc. Tive. See how it rolls off the tongue?

I’m hoping for a bit of productivity tomorrow, but we’ll see…I’m babysitting the Li’l Wrangler all day tomorrow. I’m not thrilled about this, but I haven’t seen him in way too long, so it might be kind of nice. At least for an hour or so. We’ll see how that goes.

ETA: Weezy is smart, and I believe she’s right. Today was a wash, but after this week, and after last night, I do kind of feel like I’ve earned a day on the couch. I’ll do some work tomorrow…maybe. Maybe I’ll just hang out with the Li’l Wrangler and work some other time. But I do need to chill the hell out. Thanks, Weezy! I feel much better, giving myself permission to slack.