The house-cooling party is tomorrow night, and it’s hard to say how that’s going to go; GB has invited a bunch of his work friends (who are almost all strangers to me), and people seem to be expecting some completely insane party, which I’m not even sure we can provide at this point. So. Could be good, could be a bit tiresome. Hard to say.

The SoapStar’s impromptu going-away party at the Squirrel’s house tonight whetted my appetite for the sex/drugs/rock&roll binge even more than earlier. I’m a little concerned that the party tomorrow night will end up being a little anticlimactic…but even a little drunken making-out will do me a world of good right now.

I’ll keep you posted. I really hope to have some drunken groping stories to tell. If I don’t, I’m planning on making them up, because at this point I really need something entertaining to talk about.