Because sometimes they’re about all you can manage, you know?

  • Mom is still here, and I’m still trying. In all senses of the word. I’m feeling very, very emotional about the whole mom-situation, and I really don’t want to talk about it.
  • All deities should rain blessings on Iron Buttercup for bringing a bottle of wine over with her earlier this evening.
  • Tomorrow we take the signed lease and the rest of the money–in our case, in the form of a post-dated check that will, I hope, represent sufficient funds by early next week–to the realtor. We’re arriving armed with tape measures and will do some room-measuring, after which GB will create his amazing floorplans to help us figure out where to put the BigAss TV.
  • We are almost totally packed, thanks entirely to my mom.
  • All I want to do right now is get drunk, make out with my hot friends, and listen to Led Zeppelin. I am either in a textbook Dangerous Mood, or I’ve somehow time-warped to age 17.
  • The house-cooling party we’re having here on Saturday will hopefully take care of some of that mood. I mean, it better.
  • I went to an amazing show last night–this guy and these people. I went with Bad Idea, the SoapStar, and another, somewhat random friend-of-friends, but the SoapStar and the RF-O-F left, inexplicably and with no warning, about 20 minutes into the show. Bad Idea and I proceeded to get drunk, listen to fucking awesome music, and spend the rest of the show “accidentally” leaning on one another under the guise of bobbing along to the music. Or maybe we were just bobbing to the music. Who can even tell anymore? Remember when I *knew* that he was a Bad Idea and that I should stay away? Now I still know that he’s a Bad Idea, and I just want to get him drunk enough that his pants fall off.
  • Y’all should come to the house-cooling party. GB is inviting random bar people and his coworkers, and I’ll wager that a kissing game will be played at some point after midnight.
  • Forgive the light commenting lately. I’ve been keeping up on everyone’s blogs, for the most part, but I’ve had very little commenting energy.